Amatuer Membership is open to any International/Championship level dancers who wish to compete in any IDO UK & IDO International events in 2020 in any of the styles under Street Dance.


2020 Amatuer Membership



    • All dancers who want to participate in IDO UK selection heats or international teams, must become members of IDO UK.
    • Dancers must be registered to compete in any sections of any IDO UK qualifying event or audition.
    • Amateur Membership is £16.50 online/£15 via your teacher per for international/championship level dancers
    • Any professional who still competes in solos and duos, will need to apply for Amateur Membership to be assigned a number.
    • Amateur members are also entered into the IDO UK League so you can be allocated a number for events and avoid additional administration.
    • Your membership number is your dancer number which should be kept all year.
    • Before signing up for membership, please make sure you are aware of all IDO UK and IDO International rules especially regarding your conduct and sportsmanship.
    • Amateur members will receive a dancer/membership number, ivites to dancer forums & workshops and an IDO UK membership badge.
    • Amateur members can:
    • compete in any IDO UK related event.
    • qualify for the IDO UK cup
    • Earn points individually and for their school in the IDO UK League.
    • Attend IDO UK forums and educational seminars
    • Advance/international level dancers can be selected for IDO international events.
    • Following the IDO UK cup, the dancer with the highest points in the league (separately in Mini kids, Children, Junior and Adult sections) will be named as the IDO UK Dancer of the year and receive IDO UK merchandise. Please see IDO UK League information