2020 IDO UK Disco & Freestyle Workshops, Educational Days & Audition information to follow here
Details of the first workshop now available! Please email us for full details. Please note places can only be reserved by professionals
 Selections in hip hop were held sucessfully in 2019 results in record breaking year and 2nd place in the World medal table.
We also intend to send an exploratory Disco Dance & Freestyle team in 2019 Following our conversations with the ADFP, they have confirmed there is no conflict of interest but that ADFP insurance would not cover dancers at international events.
Our Disco specialist coordinator, Kelly Collins, will report back later this year
For the first time in we also intend to attend IDO Street Dance Show as well as Para events & Break Dance Crews. Please contact us if you are interested in participating
Disco Workshop - 25/1/2020

Disco Workshop - 25/1/2020

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