IDO UK is a non profit organisation who have been appointed to select the representatives for IDO International events. 
IDO UK currently operates 2 departments - Performing Arts & Street Dance
Our universal aims include providing opportunities for learning and growth. Please see our  Aims


As the UK National member of the IDO, IDO UK has the sole rights to select and send dancers from the UK to represent the nation at IDO World & European Championship events and have sole rights to permit any dancer to participate at events run under IDO rules in any part of the World. Any UK dancer who wants to attend any IDO international (including those outside the World & European Championships) events must be members of IDO UK and have permission prior to entry.
The International Dance Organization (IDO), is affiliated to the World Dance and Dancesport Federation (WDSF) and has a membership of OVER 90 NATIONS representing more than 250,000 DANCERS, from SIX CONTINENTS. National Federations make up its membership and dancers are officially selected to represent their Nations at the IDO World and European Championships.
To have the opportunity to be a part of Team GB representing IDO UK, you must attend affiliated qualifier events. To attend open IDO international events, you must obtain IDO UK's prior permission.
Dancers, choreographers and teachers should be aware of IDO Rules & IDO UK Rules.
IDO UK Presidents
Clare Miles & Jo Scalan
For full IDO UK team details, please see contact us page
If you are new to IDO UK & would like any information, please contact
Clare Miles for Street Dance Department or Jo Scanlan for Performing Arts